Central Texas: Fourth Stimulus Check Could Be Possible, Recurrent Payments Impractical, Expert Says

Central Texas: Fourth Stimulus Check Could Be Possible, Recurrent Payments Impractical, Expert Says
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The plan for a regular $2,000 stimulus payment every month, according to lawmakers, would last until the pandemic is gone. While a fourth stimulus check is likely doable, according to Texas A&M Central Texas Economics Professor Rob Tennant, recurrent payments aren’t fiscally sustainable.

Many families are still struggling

Local Realtor Jeremy Fay says that two years into the pandemic, most of the families he’s helped locate a home have barely managed to remain financially thanks to stimulus money. As a result, families are becoming apprehensive now that no new stimulus cheques have been sent. He stated that the terrible reality is that many families are still experiencing problems.

Many of these are FHA and VA buyers and residents of our neighborhood. These are our military service personnel, with whom I try to work regularly to assist them in obtaining homes. It’s challenging because housing costs continue to grow, as prices in general, the MSN reported. 

Low-income families can look for a better job

According to Rob Tennant, they all have more money to work with, which may make inflation much more challenging and higher and cause more shortages. As a result, it may result in a vicious cycle. This is not to say that people’s pain is unimportant; it simply means considering all parts of the situation.

Tennant says that the Biden administration’s emphasis on infrastructure expenditure has already sparked economic development, hoping that investing in roads, railways, and other projects will help people get back to work.

While the chances of repeating stimulus funds remain slim, Tennant believes that finding better work is the best thing low-income families can do. Tennant would encourage going for a better-paying job if you’re in a low-paying position since it’s so tough to get staff right now, and if you’re a good worker and healthy, the world is your oyster. 

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