‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Streamers Hail Stim Shot Buff As The Best Addition In The BR Shooter

Image source: (BasildoomHD/YouTube)

The “Call of Duty: Warzone” community is well-acquainted with issues that have plagued the massive online shooter. This time, however, streamers and other content creators are commending a tweak that came alongside the Pacific update as they deem the Stim Shots as the greatest addition to the battle royale title.  

‘Warzone’s Stim Shot buff  

It is pretty much noticeable that “Warzone” players have swung their attention and appreciation for the said item in the game. For those not in the loop, the Stim is as of late providing speed boost and this has been utilized by streamers for their savage plays including that super slide move, Dexerto reports.  

Nothing but praise  

Notable “Warzone” players like JoeWo and IceManIsaac have expressed their delight about the item. The former tweeted that the Stim Buff may be the greatest addition to Warzone they’ve ever had. The latter also took to Twitter highlighting that the Stim Buff for him is one of the most refreshing changes in the BR shooter’s history. Ice also noted, however, that he is still hopeful that both flashes and stuns will be getting huge nerfs in future updates before bidding farewell to the heartbeat sensor meta.  

It was during “Call of Duty: Warzone’s” Pacific Season 1 patch notes that game developer Raven Software unveiled that the Tactical Equipment will be getting some tweaks on the new map – Caldera. That said, the hype about the nerfs that were rolled out for the Heartbeat Sensor was outshone by the Stim Shot buffs. 

Albeit the praises, the developer still has to address numerous issues within “Warzone” as one of them include the new invisible skin bug in the game. Players are well-aware that Raven rolled out a fix for this glitch, though it looks like the bug made a comeback and some players believe that this version of the glitch is worse than the one with Operator Francis.