BTS’ Company Big Hit Music To Investigate Counterfeit Products Ahead of Permission to Dance On Stage Seoul Concert

Big Hit Music and the Korean Intellectual Property Office recently announced a crackdown on products that contravened BTS’s rights. They issued an official statement stating that they would take strict action against those who routinely produce, sell, and distribute products that use BTS’s photos and trademark without permission.

On-site inspection of counterpart products 

The statement has taken strict measures against companies that have repeatedly produced, sold, and distributed products that infringe on BTS’ portrait and trademark rights. To secure our artists’ rights, they will carry out on-site checking and investigation of fake items in collaboration with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

They ask that all fans who plan to attend the concert make sure that they will not be harmed in any way by purchasing any of the above-mentioned related products. BigHit MUSIC is committed, as always, to protect our artists’ portrait and trademark rights, according to Big Hit Entertainment, Koreaboo posted. 

Big entertainment agencies also cooperated with KIPO

Due to the global popularity of Hallyu content, a rising number of items that infringe on the rights of entertainment agencies are being sold online. Items frequently pirated include light sticks, photo cards, and clothing.

Major entertainment companies such as Hybe, S.M. Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment have forwarded a list of their trademark rights to assist the Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency in monitoring violations. 

According to Korea Herald, if any online counterfeit items are discovered, the entertainment companies will inspect them to ensure their authenticity. The online promotional posts of illegal sellers will be removed. This latest crackdown is part of the KMCA and KIPO’s ongoing effort to combat counterfeit K-pop merchandise sellers. They launched their first crackdown in late 2020, focusing on 8,000 cases of illegal online sales.

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