Bill Gates Predicts New Pandemic Might Happen If We Won’t Do This Strategy from Australia

On Thursday, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and philanthropist, said that the world might face another pandemic, most likely caused by a respiratory virus, while emphasizing the importance of improving diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines, and research and development. He said that the risks of severe disease from Covid-19 have been “dramatically reduced,” but another pandemic is almost inevitable.

One country, according to Microsoft’s co-founder, has already established a way to successfully neutralize it. Australia’s COVID-19 response is the gold standard. The country’s borders were reopened this week for the first time since March 2020.

During the pandemic, returning citizens and permitted foreign passengers were required to quarantine in hotels escorted by police and military personnel. On occasion, Australia’s states have shut down their borders.

Respiratory virus 

Bill Gates said that the last massive pandemic was almost 100 years ago. Still, it won’t be that long before the next one strikes. He shared his opinion in a virtual fireside chat with Telangana Industries Minister KT Rama Rao. The meeting was part of ‘BioAsisa-2022,’ the state government’s flagship annual life sciences convention,

It might not be a coronavirus or even the flu. It’s most likely a respiratory virus. Because, with all of the human travel now, he explained that that’s the one that can spread so quickly, One India reported. 

Vaccines must be developed and distributed faster 

Gates stated that two years into the coronavirus pandemic, the worst effects have faded as large swaths of the global population have managed to gain some level of immunity. Its severity has also decreased with the latest omicron variant. However, Gates stated that this was due to the virus itself in many places, which creates immunity and has done a better job of spreading to the world population than vaccines have, CNBC wrote. 

He claims that the danger of severe disease, primarily associated with being elderly and having obesity or diabetes, has been dramatically reduced due to infection exposure.

According to Gates, it is already “too late” to meet the World Health Organization’s goal of vaccinating 70% of the global population by mid-2022. At the moment, 61.9 percent of the world’s population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. He went on to say that in the future, the world should move faster to develop and distribute vaccines, and he urged governments to invest now.

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