Bill Gates’ Ex-Wife Melinda Gates Speaks Out: From Affair to Bullying, Here Are Shocking Details About Divorce


In a shocking interview with CBS’s Gayle King, Melinda Gates will finally reveal her divorce from billionaire Bill Gates. The tell-all special will air on Thursday morning and is expected to reveal some shocking new details about Bill and Melinda’s marriage, which was announced to be over in May of 2021.

In a sneak peek at the impending interview, King questions Melinda Gates about Bill’s late-2019 affair with a Microsoft software engineer. Let’s take a look back at some of the occasions that revealed surprising truths about the divorced couple, starting with allegations of an affair, ahead of Melinda Gates’ interview.

According to The Sun, an unidentified engineer filed a letter to Microsoft’s board of directors in late 2019 claiming to have had covert sexual encounters with founder Bill Gates since 2000.

Bill Gates’ controversies amid divorce with Melinda Gates

Bill Gates apparently resigned as director in March 2020 after an inquiry was launched, while his spokesman subsequently stated that the resignation had nothing to do with the encounter.

In addition to the alleged affair, Microsoft spokesperson Frank Shaw claimed Bill Gates was warned to cease sending flirty emails to an employee in 2008 by two of the company’s senior executives.

Bill Gates was dubbed a “bully” by four insider workers last summer after they said the billionaire had a nasty temper and yelled and swore at Microsoft employees during workdays. Meetings with Gates were feared by the anonymous personnel because they were “opportunities to be yelled at.”

AIn May of 2021, another surprising news regarding Bill Gates occurred when it was revealed that the Microsoft co-founder had a brief friendship with renowned pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill  Gates allegedly approached Epstein for marital counsel in his iconic $77 million estates in New York, according to sources.

According to the reports, Melinda, who was 56 at the time, was enraged that Bill had visited the millionaire financier’s house. Melinda is said to have started divorce procedures when Bill’s relationship with the sex trafficker became public in 2019. Gates subsequently stated that meeting the disgraced billionaire was a “mistake in judgment.”

Per MEAWW, Bill and Melinda Gates have evidently lived in different wings of their house in Washington for the last five years, according to a former Microsoft employee who came forward shortly after their divorce was officially publicized. Melinda will hopefully confirm whether or not this report is accurate in her interview with CBS’ Gayle King.

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