‘Best birthday present ever,’ says Jane Fonda, whose cancer has gone into remission

Jane Fonda
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Jane Fonda’s cancer diagnosis is very treatable.

Jane Fonda has disclosed that she’s undergoing chemotherapy due to a non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis; her cancer is in remission she will discontinue chemotherapy.

Jane Fonda, diagnosed with non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s three months ago, has revealed that her cancer has now been in remission and will discontinue chemotherapy treatment.

Jane Fonda, an actor and activist whose career dates since the 1960s, announced on Thursday that she is cancer-free. Fonda was diagnosed with B-cell non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s in September, she stated.

“My oncologist told me in last week that my cancer is in recovery and I can stop chemo,” the 84-year-age “Grace & Frankie” star published in a blog article named “Best Birthday Present Ever.” Fonda expressed gratitude to all those who “worshiped and sent positive thoughts my way.”

Fonda used the announcement to highlight her environmental activism.

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“I’m super happy because, whereas my initial four chemo therapies were relatively easy for me, with only just few days of tiredness, the last therapy session was pretty tough and remained two weeks, which made it difficult to achieve much,” she explained. “The impacts eventually decreased just as I traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the initial live, in-person Fire Prevention Fridays rally.”

Fire Drill Fridays are anti-climate-change protests hosted on Fridays in Washington, DC; Fonda was taken into custody at some of the protests in 2019.

Fonda also compelled people to contact their delegates to protest Sen. Joe Manchin’s proposal to revamp the administration’s licensing process for energy development, termed “the “Dirty Deal.”

“This deal, dubbed ‘mandating reform,’ seeks to expedite fossil energy works while undermining bedrock climate safeguards and limiting the public’s opportunity to participate, effectively throwing vulnerable communities disparately crippled by fossil – based polluted air below the bus,” she stated.

When Fonda first revealed her cancer diagnosis, she stated that this was “a very easily curable cancer” and espoused improved healthcare coverage.

“Almost each household in United states has been forced to confront cancer at one period or the other and a significant number don’t really have access to the high-quality medical services I am getting and this isn’t right,” Fonda wrote.

Fonda previously, in 2010, battled breast cancer.

She had the surgery done, and her executive stated that she had been “100% cancer free.”

The actress, who has twice earned Oscar winner and activist, who will turn 85 next week, gave fans an update on her health in a blog post titled “Best birth anniversary present ever!!!” on Thursday.

“My oncologist told me this past week that my cancer is in recovery and I can stop getting chemo,” she stated on her official site, stating, “I am feeling so extremely fortunate, so privileged.”

“I am optimistic that it played a part in the happy news,” the “Barbarella” & “Monster-in-Law” celebrity added, thanking all who worshipped her behalf and forwarded her well wishes.

Fonda previously stated that she would not let her treatment “intrude with my environment activism,” and that the side effects of her treatment had worn off just in period for her to participate in a rally in Washington, DC, do some campaigning, and accomplish her speaking gigs at the Democracy Alliance.

In a September social media post, the celebrity of the Netflix Drama series “Grace and Frankie” disclosed she was already diagnosed with non-lymphoma, Hodgkin’s, cancer that grows inside the lymphatic system.

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“Cancer is an educator, and I’m listening to the learnings it has in store for me,” she wrote back then. “One thing it’s shown me previously is the significance of community. Expanding and intensifying one’s neighborhood so that we’re never alone.

And cancer, combined with my age – nearly 85 – demonstrates the significance of adjusting to new realities.”

Non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s is among the most prevalent cancers diagnosed in the United States, accounting for around 4% of all cancers, based on the American Cancer Society.

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