Beshear Rejects to End Kentucky’s COVID-19 State of Emergency, $50 Million SNAP Benefits at Risk


If Kentucky’s COVID-19 state of emergency ends, the state could lose $50 million in food stamps from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP benefits). Gov. Andy Beshear vetoed a Republican-backed bill calling for an early end to Kentucky’s COVID-19 state of emergency on Wednesday, claiming it would cut off extra food aid to striving Kentuckians.

Beshear: Ending the state of emergency is wrong

Senate Joint resolution 150 has been approved by both the state Senate and House. This settlement would also prevent Beshear from generating new COVID-19-related executive orders without legislative approval. Senate Joint Resolution 150 is “politics at its worst,” according to Beshear on Monday, posted. 

Kentucky Republicans claim they are working to restore normalcy to the state. Beshear stated that pandemic limitations have been reasonably normal for months. Ending the state of emergency and denying our people $50 million in SNAP benefits is wrong. In Kentucky, there are no restrictions and no COVID restrictions. None. And there haven’t been in six months, according to Beshear.

During the state of emergency, Beshear used his executive authority to enforce pandemic-related restrictions. Republicans reacted angrily to his actions, and the legislature reined in those emergency powers to combat the virus last year. The governor has stated that there is no pressing need to end the emergency, according to US News. 

In a letter to legislative leaders on Wednesday, the governor urged them to extend the state of emergency in order to secure additional food aid. When discussing the emergency with legislative leaders, Beshear said his administration always brought up the additional federal food stamp benefits.

$50 million food benefits are at risk

Kentucky residents stand to lose large sums in additional SNAPS benefits, according to the governor, who spoke at a news conference. When trying to discuss the virus-related state of emergency with legislative leaders, Beshear said his administration consistently mentioned the additional federal welfare payments, Spectrum News reported. 

The resolution, according to State Senate President Robert Stivers, states that lawmakers have no intention of “impairing or delaying” the state’s ability to receive pandemic-related federal funds. Stivers proposed another possible solution for the extended food benefits via the emergency requirements stage.

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