Berserk Teaser: Moonlight Boy Character Reveal

Moonlight Boy
Berserk Teaser: Moonlight Boy Character Reveal

Despite several long breaks across its episode, Berserk still is one of the most popular comic series.  It deals with the underlying elements that arise with a fictional setting. 

The future of Berserk is unknown with the death of author Kentaro Miura in May 2021. The story’s destiny was thrown into doubt at the time of writing. The Moonlight Boy and his relationship with the main characters was the most recent important discovery.

The legendary Moonlight Boy illusion arrives on a full moon night and then vanishes the next day.  Appearing as a silent human boy with long, black hair. 

Guts first encountered him in Berserk while he was under the effect of the Berserk Weapons. Moonlight Boy emerged and was able to dispel the Armor’s hold on Guts, bringing him back to the real world. Casca subsequently discovered the kid while strolling along the beach. The 2 developed a relationship like a mother and a son. 

The Moonlight Boy, also described as the Demon Child, is the manifestation of the unwanted child. Moonlight Boy’s function in Berserk’s dark imaginary world is not being explained beyond his connection to Casca, Guts, and Griffith. It might reveal to be a pivotal moment in the series’ ultimate conflict, as per CBR.

The Revelation of Moonlight Boy

When it comes to big tale payoffs, fans of Kentaro Miura’s dark night fantasy novel Berserk have had their hands full.  Guts and his group of legendary adventures have not only landed on the island of Skellig after years of the dilemma but have also seen his sweetheart Casca go back to reality after her prolonged mental disorder after Griffith’s attack. 

After the recent episode, it seems that some other mystery, the origin of the mysterious “Moonlight Boy,” is on the brink of becoming resolved. The Moonlight Boy is first introduced in Chapter 238 as a mute child with long black hair who resembled Casca and only emerges during the night sky.

Is a silent kid with long black hair who resembled Casca and only emerges during a full moon. Despite the fact that he joined Gut’s group twice on their quest to restore Casca. Nothing is remembered regarding him. He is certainly not a regular youngster, as he has demonstrated the power to appear and vanish at will, even in unreachable places like the center of the Pacific, according to Screen Rant.

When he is wearing his Berserker Armor and is possessed by The Creature of Evil, he may use an ethereal shape, viewable just in the spiritual worlds, to control magical beings as well as quiet Gut’s fury. Regardless of various indications as to Miura’s origin throughout the series, he has never been revealed. 

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