Behold Mamoru Hosoda’s New Anime Film, which is amazing and perfect

In the event that you’ve seen The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, or Wolf Children, you know a Mamoru Hosoda film is something to get amped up for. This lovely trailer for Hosoda’s forthcoming film Belle, a.k.a. Ryu to Sobakasu no Hime, will do literally nothing to dissipate you of this thought.

Beauty is one more film where Hosoda is investigating a virtual world. This time, it’s “U, a gigantic online organization with more than 5 billion enrolled clients” as indicated by Studio Chizu.

Here’s the authority rundown: “The hero of this story, Suzu, is a 17-year old secondary school young lady living with her dad in a provincial town of Kochi — their town is a course reading the meaning of elimination in the Japanese open country. Injured by the deficiency of her mom at a youthful age, Suzu one day finds the enormous online world, ‘U,’ and plunges into this substitute reality as her symbol, Belle. After a short time, the entirety of U’s eyes is fixed on Belle (Suzu), when one day the secretive and notorious Dragon-like figure shows up before her.”

Man, that is lovely, and since Hosoda is composing and guiding, you realize it will be a work of art, best-case scenario, and totally incredible even from a pessimistic standpoint. Goodness just realizes how long it’ll be before we can see Belle in the U.S. yet, in the event that you end up being in Japan this late spring you can get it at that point.