Avatar: The Last Airbender May Have Revealed The True Origin of Pro-Bending 

Avatar: The Last Airbender May Have Revealed The True Origin of Pro-Bending 
Avatar: The Last Airbender May Have Revealed The True Origin of Pro-Bending 

The true origin of pro-bending may have been revealed by Avatar: The Last Airbender. Pro-bending is a prominent sport that originated in Republic City and consists of two teams of three benders. One from each of the major bending skills except air bending. 

In Aang’s hunt for such earth bending master, he was told to go to Earth Rumble 6 to locate the Earth Kingdom’s fiercest earth benders. The sport was simple enough to grasp: earth benders competed in very few battles in which they were free to utilize any earth bending method they wanted. The only way to win was to knock the opposing player out of the ring.

The goal of Pro-bending is to gain as much territory within the ring as possible in three minutes, or alternately, to force the opposing team’s members over the ring’s edge.

There are twenty-one holes on either side of the playing field that discharge small rock discs, similar to earth coins, for the earth bending contestants. Waterbenders can get water from troughs beneath the ring through grates that run along the lines between the zones.

The earth benders might combat with standardized disks provided by Pro-bending. Attacks on opponents’ heads were also penalized, although the techniques that any team might use to attack were nearly limitless. The basic goal of the game remained the same: to defeat an opponent by knocking them out of the ring.

If the United Republic hadn’t been formed, Earth Rumble 6 would never have matured into what Avatar fans know as Pro-bending. The rich cultures of the Avatar world were only able to mix when Avatar Aang established the Republic and its capital city. Benders and non-benders from many countries intermarried and shared their cultures, religions, and favorite games, as posted by the CBR website. 


Earth Rumble 6 from Avatar: The Last Airbender had to go through multiple iterations before becoming Pro-bending, but certain traditions haven’t changed. There are several rules to follow in this kind of game.

For Waterbending, each water explosion cannot last more than one second. Waterbenders are not permitted to utilize any type of continuous hose-like jet of water on their competitors. Water must be in a liquid form to be utilized.

For Earthbending, there are no direct earth hits that can be directed towards an opponent’s head. Despite the fact that the ring is primarily made of canvas-covered metal, no metal bending is allowed. Earthbenders are only allowed to bend earth in its natural state, never as grain or dirt.

Firebenders are not allowed to utilize continuous flamethrower-like streams of fire on their opponents since each fire blast must last no more than one second. It is forbidden to shoot directly towards an opponent’s head, according to the published post on the Avatar site. 

Pro-bending is widely embraced in Republic City, whereas Rumble 6 contests were more of a clandestine event. 

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