Avatar: Learn About Air Nomads, Connection with Non-benders from Four Nations

Avatar: Learn About Air Nomads, their Connection with Nonbenders from Four Nations
Avatar: Learn About Air Nomads, their Connection with Nonbenders from Four Nations

Although one of the Four Nations has never had non-bending warriors, Avatar Legends demonstrates why the Air Nomads are the best non-benders in the world.

The Avatar: The Last Airbender was created around the incredible elemental abilities of its benders, but plenty of non-benders demonstrated their own martial abilities in both the episode and the sequel The Legend of Korra.

The Four Nations’ skills and weaponry stand out in the franchise even without the help of the elements.

One of the Four Nations did not have any non-benders until lately. Despite the presence of prominent non-bending warriors from the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation, Avatar Legends demonstrates why non-bending Air Nomad warriors may be the most fearsome of them.

Although bending can be a huge assist to a fighter’s abilities, the Avatar franchise went out of its way to show that even non-benders could punch above their weight division by employing weaponry and skills that helped level the playing field, according to the CBR website.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sokka was introduced as Katara’s unbending brother at the start of the series, and he developed his skills with his boomerang, club, and machete to devastating effect over the course of the series.

He even became a master swordsman by the end of the series, able to use his surroundings to his advantage and enter the ranks of his father Hakoda as one of the Water Tribes’ greatest non-bending fighters.

Others in the Four Nations, however, surpassed Sokka’s abilities. Sokka learned from the Kyoshi Warriors on the isolated island of the Earth Kingdom, who raised an elite band of unbending warriors with metal fans, shields, and armor who were formidable fighters in their own right, according to the written post on the Verve Times.

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