After the unfortunate death of Sadie Patridge, Audrina Patridge’s niece, Sadie’s stepfather makes a statement.

Audrina Patridge
Image source: Audrina Patridge/Instagram

After Sadie Patridge, the late niece of Audrina Patridge passed away at age 15; her stepfather spoke out: “My First Love.”

Image source: Audrina Patridge/Instagram

What happened to Rachel Patridge?

Following the teen’s passing, Kyle Loza, her stepfather, posted a homage to Sadie on social media on Wednesday.

He posted a picture of his late stepdaughter along with the caption, “Baby girl- I will keep your memory with me till I meet you again.” “I keep thinking about you all the time. I’ll always love you, and I’d give anything to have one more laugh with you. My first love was you.” Audrina Patridge’s family is still mourning Sadie Raine Loza’s passing.

He wrote “NSD” after his signature, which appears to stand for “Never Say Die,” the name of Kyle’s tarot card company and the homage he signed “[Love] Dad.”

Patridge, 37, presented a carousel of beautiful memories she and Sadie throughout the years shared as she lamented the loss of her niece.

“My heart breaks to even write this,” the former star of The Hills stated in the post. My lovely niece has now entered heaven.

“I know it’s not goodbye forever, but saying goodbye for the present being is the toughest,” she added.

“We shall miss you and treasure every single time we had with you,” Patridge concluded with a message to Sadie. Peace be with you, Say Say! We will always love you!

What did Brody Jenner say about Audrina?

Image source: US Sun

Brody Jenner, who costarred with the reality star in The Hills, offered sympathy in the comments section, writing, “So incredibly sorry for your loss Audrina. This is very tragic. I’m sending you and your family my love.

The reply from Kristin Cavallari was, “OMGGGG this kills me.”

Sadie’s mother, Casey Loza, broke the news of her passing before Patridge published her post.

She posted a selfie of her deceased daughter with the comment, “Sadie Raine Loza has departed this Planet for the heavens.” Sadie loved to remind me that the first law of thermodynamics, sometimes known as the “Law of Conservation of Energy,” applies to all domains of life: “Energy cannot be generated or destroyed; it can only be converted from one form to another. Composing this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

Sadie’s legacy will endure, she said, adding that “transformation is a better term than death. Her narrative will save many lives, and she will always be remembered. You dazzling Starseed, rest in peace. Your creator is with you. You will be sorely missed. I cherish you.

The Hills star pays tribute to her niece in a devastating post as Audrina Patridge’s sister Casey Loza shares that her daughter Sadie, 15, passed away.

Who is Audrina Patridge’s niece Sadie Loza?

Image source: The US SUN

The 15-year-old niece of reality television personality Audrina Patridge passed away. On Valentine’s Day, the teen’s mother, Casey Loza, posted to Instagram to let followers know.

Casey posted a picture of her baby and captioned it, “Sadie Raine Loza has left this Planet for the heavens.” She had 79,500 followers.

The teenage girl, whose reason for death is unexplained, had only turned 15 last week. The mother, who is Audrina’s sister, continued her ode in the caption when she posted a recent image of Sadie.

Because I struggled to find the appropriate words, I’ll leave you with this: “Writing this was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do.” Casey went on to say that Sadie loved thermodynamics and likened the Law of Conservation of Energy to Sadie’s departure.

Casey wrote, “Energy cannot be generated or destroyed; it can only be transformed from one form to another.” Death is not a better term than transformation. Many lives will be saved by her narrative, and she will always be remembered.

Enjoy eternal serenity and magnificent Starseed. Your creator is with you. You will be sorely missed. I cherish you. Sadie’s cause of death is still unknown.

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