‘Attack on Titan’ The Final Season All Set For A Big Release

'Attack on Titan' The Final Season

The air is heavy with excitement in Japan. The anime’s staff is erecting the anime-related art installations at 3 sites until the release day. The giant wall installations that are about 2 by 22.5 meters will showcase key frames, designs, and production storyboards for the upcoming episodes.

Planning to visit? You should if you are anywhere near Shibuya’s Tokyū Dogenzaka Happy Board and Tokyo Metro/Shinjuku Metro Super Premium Set, Tokyo. The other two sites are at JR West/Osaka Station Sakurabashi Avenue, Osaka, and JR Tokai/Nagoya Wide Wall in Nagoya.

To be released on Jan 9

Part 2 starts with the 76th episode “Danzai”. NHK General will air the show on Jan 9, 24:05 (Jan 10 effectively) in Japan. Crunchyroll will stream it in the Americas, Europe, Oceania & the Middle East, while Funimation will stream the show in North America, some parts of South America, Australia & New Zealand. The good part is that the majority of the world would get the show on the same date as Japan.

Watch the specials

NHK has already premiered six compilation specials of the show. So, if you cannot wait any longer and are interested in the side stories of some other interesting characters, you must check these specials out.

Hajime Isayama launched the Manga in 2009. Its anime adaptation first premiered in 2013 with a second season following in 2017. The finale’s first part aired on NHK in the last of 2020 and now it’s time for part 2. You should catch up on the previous parts before going in for the finale.

Wit Studio was responsible for producing seasons 1-3 while MAPPA is now producing the current season. The show is an overall commercial success with its manga version clocking over 100 million copies in sales.

Attack on Titan

It’s a story of a human civilization trying to survive man-eating titans. They were safely residing inside the massive walls until the colossal titan appeared and destroyed their safe haven. Will humans survive? Or will the superior force of the titans be victorious? That’s what the Finale Part 2 is here to answer.

Are you excited about what’s coming up next in the show? Well, we most definitely are. Tell us in the comments section about how you expect the show to go. And our dear Manga readers, no spoilers please!!!

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