Ariana Madix talks about splitting up from Tom Sandoval

Ariana Madix
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Ariana Madix talks about splitting up from Tom Sandoval

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After discovering that Tom Sandoval had a relationship with Raquel Leviss, a co-star on “Vanderpump Rules,” Ariana Madix ended their relationship.

Madix made her first public statement on Instagram, thanking her friends and followers for their “outpouring of love and support” despite the fact that she has been “devastated and broken” since learning the news.

“Hi. where do I start? Along with a photo of herself in Mexico, she posted to her 1.4 million Instagram followers on the app.

Sincere thanks go out to everyone who has shown me love and support over the past two weeks, including friends, family, and complete strangers.

She continued, “You guys have provided me the strength to persevere and seen me throughout my darkest hours when I’ve felt like I couldn’t even stand.

“To say that I am heartbroken and crushed would be an understatement. Madix, who in relation with Sandoval for almost ten years, added, “I know that I am not in this alone.

She continued, “I am so f-king lucky that I have the excellent support system in the world, and I hope I can thank each and every one of you for the love you are showing me.

“What doesn’t kill me better run,” she completed her lengthy caption.

Who is Tom Sandoval’s girlfriend Ariana Madix?

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With an apology for his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval is stepping out following his suspected months-long relationship with his Vanderpump Rules co-star Raquel Leviss.

Her comments follow Page Six’s confirmation on March 3 that Madix, 37, and Sandoval, 39, ended their relationship after she learned they had been “communicating inappropriately for months” with Leviss.

“So many of my closest friends are currently mourning this loss and struggling from this betrayal on so many levels,” she said.

We were informed at the moment that Madix, who had been dating Sandoval since 2013, was “blindsided” by the liaison and had “no indication there were any issues” between them.

Moreover, the co-owner of Something About Her felt “betrayed by her friend” because Madix and Leviss had become close in recent months.

What happened between Tom Sandoval and Ariana Leviss?

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For more than six months, Sandoval and Leviss have had a secret relationship.

On March 1, while at Sandoval’s cover band’s concert, Madix allegedly “found out” about the couple’s “full-on romance” and raved about “respecting” his now-ex-girlfriend.

Sandoval responded that he and Madix were “very excellent at respecting one other” when asked why their relationship had endured the test of time.

The bartender noted that despite their “ups and downs,” they both had “each other’s backs in a respectable way.”

As soon as the full extent of the affair became public, Sandoval and Leviss each released statements on social media.

“I need to say sorry to Ariana. Sandoval wrote last week, “I made some mistakes, I was selfish, and I made careless decisions that damaged someone I love.

“No one should have to experience that pain in such a severe and visible way. How terrible this has been to Ariana and all of us, I can only imagine.

He continued, “I feel extremely terrible about that. “I regret dishonoring Ariana the most. I never intended to let down so many people, such as our dear families and friends. I have to do more for Ariana.

On her part, Leviss released a lengthy note in which she admonished herself for her past mistakes and accused the affair on her “addiction” to love.

She wrote, “I’m thinking back on my decisions, talking to a therapist, and discovering things about myself like my habits of codependency and addictions to being & feeling loved.

“I have prioritised the personal connection above my friendships frequently and sought emotionally affirmation through unhealthy, unwholesome relationships without concern for my own well-being.”

Are Sandoval and Madix still together?

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Sandoval and Madix are still holding strong eight years later, and they frequently share congratulatory messages to each other on social media.

Although this is the first time Madix has acknowledged the affair, just hours after the news surfaced, her brother, Jeremy Madix, was quick to stand up for her and criticize Sandoval on social media.

After criticizing Sandoval for having a “midlife crisis with his cringey band” on James Kennedy, a cast member, Jeremy then attacked Leviss, saying she “has faked her way to the top.”

On March 8, Sandoval issued a formal apology to Madix amid the uproar, stating on Insta that he “made mistakes” and “made foolish decisions that wounded somebody” he loved.

No one should have to experience such pain in such a severe and public way, he continued. “I can’t even begin to fathom how terrible this has been for Ariana and all of us. I genuinely feel bad about that.

Moreover, Leviss apologized to Madix, attributing the entanglement to her “addiction” to love.

“There isn’t a defense. “I am not a victim, and I must take responsibility for my actions. I profoundly regret hurting Ariana.”  In a statement, the former pageant queen said.

I’ve started seeing a counselor in order to break my destructive behavioral loop, develop stronger emotional boundaries, and safeguard my mental health.

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