Are you guilty of watching The Guilty?

The Guilty

The movie we will be talking about today is called The guilty, and the audience loved that movie when it was released on Netflix. Have you seen the film that Netflix presents? Oh! You must have. All the movies which are Netflix originals are the best movies with the best storyline ever, and this is what the Platform called Netflix represents. The guilty is one of those movies rated the highest on Netflix. You will not believe that the day this film was aired on Netflix, it was watched by more than a 65million households, which is not a small number at all. So what do you think of this movie? Have you seen it? If you have to tell me more about your personal experience with this movie, then I would appreciate your participation. This Netflix original has mostly got favourable views and has broken many records in the history of Netflix. 

Most talented, The guilty cast:

The guilty cast

The guilty’s cast is not that long, but the voice-over artists have an extensive list, and I have mentioned every one of them. Let us start with the mail leads and the main characters -: Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe Baylor, Christina Vidal as Sergeant Denise Wade, and Adrian Martinez as Manny. And now let us jump to the voices directly-: Riley Keough as Emily Lighton, Peter Sarsgaard as Henry Fisher, Emily’s ex-husband, Eli Goree as Rick, Ethan Hawke as Sergeant Bill Miller, Da’Vine Joy Randolph as CHP Dispatcher, Christiana Montoya as Abby, Emily and Henry’s daughter, David, Castañeda as Officer Tim Geraci, Beau Knapp as Dru Nashe, Edi Patterson as Katherine Harbor, Paul Dano as Matthew Fontenot, Gillian Zinser as Jess Baylor, Joe’s ex-wife, Bill Burr as Nightclub Caller, Dillon Lane as Crashed Cyclist, Aileen Burdock as LA Times Operator, Marlene Forte as House on Fire Caller. This was the list of the most extraordinary cast of The Guilty.

Are you sure about The guilty release date?

The guilty release date

The worldwide premiere of this movie, The Guilty, was on September 11, 2021, at the Toronto International Film festival. But there Wass a minimal release in September because it was supposed to stream on Netflix on October 1, 2021. The film got so super hit that it was sprayed in approximately 70 million households within the first month of its release in almost 100 countries. The guilty is a more exciting movie than it sounds and has all the genera that the audience is looking on a movie. The mope was supposed to be released much earlier than it did, and all the postponements happened because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence the movie was released a bit late than its planned time.

Realistic The guilty review is given:

The guilty review

The movie is very much liked by the audience, especially the Netflix users. There are many Netflix users, and a film that Netflix buys has been given a different platform than another movie, and hence it is mainly liked by the audience of Netflix itself; maybe this is the only reason why Netflix originals do not flop. So let us come to the actual review of The Guilty; according to all the reviews, the movie has been given 6.5 out of 10, and the critics said that the guilty is another Americanised remake. Several grits gave it positive ratings, and I have read more than 150  reviews by the general public, and I have come across one lousy comment. So, I will take this as a positive sign which shows how great the movie is. 

What is The Guilty Ending?

The guilty ending

In the end, Emily calls Joe and thinks she is trying to commit suicide. Joe directs the CHP to her location; meanwhile, she attempts to relax and take her down. There were many ways to distract her, but he chose the one where he started to tell her about the fact that he killed a 19-year-old while he was on his duty and the reason behind that was that he lost his temper and started hurting him because he was capable of breaking him. Joe is the one who starts to tell Emily what Abby needs the most, and he promises Abby to come home soon. Then an officer arrives, and Joe thinks that she has gone forever. Later she gets a message from CHP that they are safe in the ICU.