Are you a big fan of  A returner’s Magic?

A returner’s Magic

Are you a big anime fan? because if you are then you must know about the name a returner’s magic should be special, It is a book written by Yu Sonan, and this manga comic is an extremely popular one that has a huge fan base. People also want to see this be turned into an animation, a very beautiful animation of all time because the story and the plot line are loved by them. There are so many different characters in this and they all have different and very weird names according to their roles as, Joad Exarion, Priscilla Heisilgard, Rondae Fizzlebang, Swan Katerina, Gillian Jedgar F. Roguepalace, Skull mask, and, Crow mask. I know they are different and some people think of these comics as childish but you will not believe how popular it is and what a huge fanbase it holds with it. 

How do you think the story started? A returner’s Magic should be so special 01:

A returner’s Magic should be so special 01

The story of episode 01 of A returner’s Magic should be special very interesting and will catch your attention from the start and you will then enjoy every bit of it. So what actually happens is when he is back, he promises himself that he would not allow his loved ones to die and the shadow world which is said to be the most catastrophic existence that humans have ever faced in history. Desir, full name Desir Arman is one of those six survivors of mankind. They attempt many times to clear the final level but when they come to the six attempts to clear the last level of the Labyrinth, they fail again. All of them as a team fail and the world finally goes to shit. Everything ends. The time comes that Desir must die, then he returns to the past and directly goes back thirteen years ago when he was studying and has his precious friends. He remembers all the memories and the plans he made then. He was ambitious and focused to change the world one day. Now the time comes when there are only three years left for the entrance of the shadow world, he tries to gather the courage and help mankind after all. 

Would you like A returner’s Magic should be so special anime?

A returner’s Magic should be so special anime

This is one of the most famous and awaited manga comics ever and its fan want an animation version of it. An anime version of this would fulfil the demands and the fanbase can go a level higher without even noticing. The story of Desir and the other five survivors shows courage and their wish to save humanity is the most prestigious thing ever. The animation makes things easier and more beautiful. When our favourite characters come into action, that is the moment that fans await.

What is the latest A returner’s Magic should be special novel updates?

A returner’s Magic should be special novel updates

The story was explained in a very dramatic way and it was felt by every heart who soever has read it. The story depicts that in this shady world, our daily routine and daily basis things are just chaos and can turn our whole life into a big mess. Hence, Commoner magician Desir Herrman uses prosperous skills he has, to get the idea of the Shadow Labyrinth. This means he enters the shady world and reached the peak of the Shadow World. But things change, and the scenario changes when he and his partners fail to clear the Labyrinth. This means the human is taking its last breaths and as a result, this would kill Desir, no matter what he has found out about being a boy and standing at the Hebron academy. He had a second chance but things got screwed up so bad.