This Fake Heiress Anna Sorokin Still Lives a Life in Prison, Receives Adoption Offer From an Artist

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In a new ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast taped from the Orange County facility, Anna Sorokin detailed how she effortlessly conned New York City’s upper society. She claimed that she had never told any irrational lies that had resulted in anyone being criminally harmed.

The scammer, who used the name Anna Delvey in New York, said she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Pretending to have more than $60 million in a trust fund wasn’t unusual, as “60 million is borderline impoverished in New York.”

She also stated that it was simple to ask for money because people assumed she had it, The Blast reported. Sorokin said on the show that she wasn’t a con artist and was simply being herself during her time in New York, which might soon come to an end if she is deported in the coming weeks.

Fraudster Anna Sorokin says Julia Fox wants to adopt her

From 2013 until 2017, the German native–whose life inspired the new Netflix series ‘Inventing Anna’– was a swindler who defrauded banks and the New York socialite scene out of thousands of dollars. She pretended to be a German heiress with a trust fund worth more than $60 million at the time.

Sorokin was found guilty of three charges of robbery, four counts of theft services, and one act of attempted robbery in April 2019. She was given a minimum sentence of four years in prison, however, she was released after two years.

Anna Sorokin revealed to host Alex Cooper that she has a “prison assistant” who does her laundry. Cooper questioned Sorokin if he had picked up a jail “hustle” while incarcerated during the interview, which starts at 5:45. “No, not at all,” Sorokin claimed, adding that she had been “buying tablets” and “phone minutes” from other inmates to keep in touch with the outside world, as per the Insider.

According to Monsters and Critics, Anna Sorokin is opening up more about her unexpected friendship with Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Julia Fox. The 31-year-old convicted fraudster is better known as Anna Delvey, the alias she used to scam her friends and many financial institutions while purporting to be a wealthy German heiress.

Inventing Anna, a Netflix series on Sorokin’s life and misdeeds as she tricked her way into the lives of New York’s wealthy elite, chronicles her life and crimes.

After an Instagram shoutout from Fox requesting Anna’s liberation, the star of Uncut Gems disclosed her relationship to the fraudster. Sorokin discussed her relationship with Fox in a recent interview.

“She had a few boyfriends who were either in prison or jail.  She is continually trying to think of new methods to assist me. She expressed an interest in adopting me. It couldn’t happen, but it was extremely sweet of her,” Sorokin said.

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