Anime Action Series One Piece Announces New Character, New Seasons to be Released in March

One Piece

With their latest photo, Netflix has welcomed their own Roronoa Zoro to set on the new One Piece live-action series! The co-production between Netflix, Shueisha, and Tomorrow Studios was officially announced a few years ago, but now, the cast and crew have gathered together to celebrate the start of filming.

One Piece’s Roronoa Zoro

In addition to Emily Rudd, who portrays Nami in the upcoming Netflix’s One Piece series, there have been other members of the cast who have begun filming. Additionally, it appears that Mackenkyu, who will portray Roronoa Zoro in the new series, has arrived on site with Taz Skylar, who portrays Sanji.

According to Comicbook, the famous musician turned actor marked the beginning of filming with an Instagram photo of his own acting chair, and has certainly piqued the interest of both his fans and those of Zoro fans who are curious about what they can expect to see in the new Netflix series.

Eiichiro Oda, the series creator, said that they chose this cast after several worldwide discussions, and they will be the Straw Hat Pirates in the series.  Putting on this show will take a little longer than usual, but they will continue doing their best to make it a global hit.

Upcoming seasons of One Piece in March

Netflix began airing the first episodes of One Piece in June 2020. After 21 months of waiting, fans are so excited to see the upcoming seasons and episodes of the Anime action series.

What’s on Netflix revealed that it has now been confirmed that additional seasons of One Piece will be released on Tuesday, March 1st, 2022, as noted on Netflix’s coming soon page and on the One Piece website.

As per the report, when Netflix initially obtained numerous seasons of One Piece, the East Blue and Alabasta Sagas were made accessible for viewing on the streaming service’s website.

Sky Island and Water 7 are the next two sagas in the series, but there is no assurance that both will be released on Netflix. This is due to the fact that sagas are not classified as a single long season, but rather as a series of seasons.

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