Anggy Diaz was Murdered by her jealous husband, Jared Dicus

Anggy Diaz
Image Source: NY post

‘Jealous’ Texas man who allegedly decapitated wife steals beer in video.

Jared Dicus
Image source: NY post

According to Houston’s Fox station, shocking footage captures a Texas man who had recently killed his wife calmly entering the shop where she was employed, stealing a beer and then guzzling it outside.

Jared Dicus, 21, allegedly admitted to killing Anggy Diaz, his spouse of fewer than four months, immediately after police arrived at the grisly scene on Wednesday, according to police.

According to Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry, Anggy Diaz’s mangled body was found at the couple’s residence outside of the city of Magnolia, northwest of Houston, with her skull missing from the body.

Dicus’ automobile may be seen pulling up to the meat store in Chepes, where Anggy works, around 11:40 am. In a T-shirt and pants, he is shown in another camera collecting a beer from the refrigerator, strolling casually by the checkout, leaving the store, and then enjoying a beverage in the parking lot.

Texas Man Charged With ‘Gruesome’ Crime That Involved Decapitating His Newlywed Wife

According to acquaintances, the victim, 21-year-old Anggy Diaz, was working two jobs at the time of her death in an effort to pay for her mother’s cancer treatment.

After only a few months of marriage, a Texas man is suspected of decapitating his wife in what the police have called a “gruesome” crime.

According to a press conference conducted by Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry, Jared James Dicus, 21, was detained on Tuesday after his parents discovered the horrific scene at around 4:18 that afternoon and dialled 911.

“That’s the world we live in today, it’s a horrific scenario, and it’s going to change either sides of these families,” Guidry added.

Guidry claims that at the time of the murder, Dicus and his wife, 21-year-old Anggy Diaz, who has been named by numerous media sites, were residing in a small house behind Dicus’ parents’ house.

Alleged murder weapon, a knife, and Diaz’s headless body were eventually discovered on the premises by investigators.

Jared Dicus is caught on camera stealing a beer.
Image source: FOX26 Houston

Diaz divulged in The Post that her new spouse was a jealous person, according to a buddy of the victim.
According to law authorities, Dicus admitted to killing Anggy Diaz.

The friend, who requested anonymity, said, “He uploaded a video saying, ‘She is mine,’ on social networks, and it was unusual because nobody was challenging that…it was out of nowhere.”

Nearly four years had passed since Diaz, and her companion had first met. Nicaraguan immigrant Diaz most recently started working as a fitness trainer after working at the Hispanic store restaurant.

Less than a month ago, she and her companion, a former coworker, had their last encounter at a Christmas party, which Dicus had abruptly left.

The friend said, “Everyone was having a nice time, and he departed looking extremely angry. The newlywed was allegedly coping with domestic violence, according to Diaz’s pal.

She continued, “She never mentioned that there were any issues; perhaps she was just ashamed to acknowledge her relationship wasn’t ideal.

The video captures Dicus confidently entering the establishment where she worked, taking a beer, and chugging it outside.
Image source: NY post

According to Guidry, “There had been previous calls, disturbance-wise, but nothing to this impact, to this level of violence,” police had previously admitted that the pair was known to them.

According to the confidante, the couple wed in a private ceremony in October, stunning friends and family who weren’t invited.

The woman pushed Diaz, “She told me they soon intended to have children, but I urged her to avoid becoming pregnant so early.” I advised her to get better acquainted with him and to savour their time together.

Through a GoFundMe website, the victim’s loved ones are currently collecting money for the 21-year funeral. old’s According to her friend, Diaz will probably be buried close to Houston, where her mom and aunt reside.

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