All You Need To Know About Neighbours 2 Filming Locations

neighbours 2

The full name of the movie neighbours 2 is Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising. The film was also released in other countries with a different name such as Bad Neighbours 2 or just, Neighbours 2. It is an american origin film which comes under the genre of Comedy. The movie is directed by Nicholas Stoller. The plot is written by Stoller, Evan Goldberg, Andrew J . Cohen, Brendan O’Brien and Seth Rogen. The film was released April 26, 2016 in Berlin. It was premiered in United States on May 20, 2016. In this article we will get to know more about the movie Neighbours 2.

Know About Neighbours 2 Plot:

neighbours 2 plot

In the movie we can see Mac and Kelly Radner are going to welcome their second child. They are also preparing to sell their house to Baiers family. Paula, the wife of Mac’s friend named jimmy are also expecting a baby. Shelby, who is the fresher in the college meets with other freshmen Nora and Beth. When they get to know that sororities in their college are not allowed to give parties, they made their own sorority named, Kappa Nu so that they can throw parties.

Insight Of Neighbours 2 Cast :

neighbours 2 cast

The movie Neighbours 2 stars various celebrities like Seth Rogen who can be seen in the role of Mac Radner. Zac Efron is portraying the role of Teddy Sanders. Rose Byrne is seen in the role of Kelly Radner. Chloe Grace Moretz is in the role of Shelby Robek. Dave Franco who is in the role of Pete Regazolli. Ike Barinholtzcan be seen in the role of Jimmy Blevins. Carla Gallo portraying the role of Paula Faldt – Belvins. Kiersey is in the role of bleth Gladstone, Beanie Feldstein as Nora clerk and many more.

Everything About Neighbours 2 Development And Release:

neighbours 2 development and release

According to the director of the film Nicholas Stoller he was ready to make a sequel for the film Neighbour in the year 2015. The writers of the previous film ‘ Neighbours’, Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O’Brien, collaborated to write the script for the sequel. Actors were approached to act, comedians Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci were appointed the task to fill the script with punches and comedy, but they were not given the designation as the writers of the film due to certain speculations of Writers Guild. The filming for the film was scheduled to start in mid- 2015.

The release of movie Neighbours 2 was scheduled on May 13, 2016. The distributor company was Universal Pictures. The release was pushed back on July 27, 2015, and the release was scheduled on May 20, 2016.

All You Need To Know About Neighbours 2 Filming Locations:

neighbours 2 filming locations

The filming locations of the movie Neighbours 2 includes the following locations. The “Kappa Kappa Nu” house situated in Los Angeles is a house at Hollywood California. The filming of scenes involving the house was done there only. The scenes for The Phi Lamda were shot at Georgia. The scene which is showing Teddy running down the street chasing a golf cart, it was shot at Atlanta. The movie Neighbours 2 spent around $10.9 million for the filming of shots in Georgia.The initial filming of the movie began on 31 August, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia and the shooting was concluded on October 29, 2015.

Is There Neighbours 2 Sequel ?

neighbours 2 sequel

One of the cast member of the film, Seth Rogen Uploaded a short film sequel to neighbours 2 on May 16, 2016, on his twitter handle. He titled the video as Neighbours 3 : Zombies Rising, Zac Efron and he was seen imitating roles as Mac and Teddy. They both are arguing over a topic that how to deal with a zombie who is tied up. When the matter becomes complicated Teddy comes to a realisation that zombies belongs to his own fraternity named, Delta- psi- Beta. The ending of the shot shows accidental death of zombie by the two. Rogen and Efron are discussing among themselves that it would be a great idea to make another sequel of the film Neighbours 2. On  the rotten tomato website the film got a rating of 64%.