All You Need To Know About Kath And Kim

kath and kim

The series named Kath and Kim is an Australian series. The series is created by Jane Turner and Gina Riley. The series is shot at Fountain Lakes, Melbourne, Victoria. The scenes which showed the inside of Kath’s house were shot in Patterson Lakes. Other footages were filmed in and around Morrabin and Cheltenham. The series comes under the genre of Comedy. It is directed by Ted Emery. There are in total of 4 seasons comprising of 32 episodes. The shots which were showing Fountain gate were actually shot in Westfield Southland. The production company for the series is Riley Turner Productions.

Insight Of Kath And Kim Plot:

kath and kim plot

The storyline of Kath and Kim revolves around the lives of Kath day-knight and her only child Kimberly Diane Craig nee Day. Husband of Kath who, is Brett Craig and long time family friend Kel Knight. The series shows struggles, aspirations and achievements of the family. The series portrays the mother-daughter relationship of Kath and Kim. The series also mocks the Australian and other international cultures and old shows such as Australian Idol and Big Brother. They visits various places like Westfield Fountain Gate, local restaurants and IKEA etc.

Know About Kath And Kim Cast :

kath and kim cast

The main cast of the series include Jane Turner who is portraying the role of Kath Day-Knight, a woman who wants to keep herself fit. Next is Gina Riley in the role of Kim Craig, who is 20 year old and is extremely lazy and selfish. Magda Szubanski is seen In the role of Kim’s second best friend, she is very unfortunate in love and love sports. Glenn Robbins as Kel Knight, he is the boyfriend and later husband of Kath. Peter Rowsthorn as Brett Craig, he is Kim’s husband. Some of the guest cast includes Eric Bana, Alan Brough, Michael Buble, Sibylla Budd, Rhonda Butcher.

Everything About Kath and Kim Season:

kath and kim seasons

The first ever season of Kath and Kim was premiered on 16 May 2002 and people witnessed its end on 4 th 2002. It consisted of a total of 8 episodes. The second season of the series Kath and Kim was aired on 18 September 2003 and concluded on 6 November 2003. It also had 8 episodes. The third season of the series was premiered on 7 October 2004 and was concluded on 25 November 2004. A telemovie was released on November 27, 2005. The last and fourth season of the show was aired on 19 August 2007 and concluded on 14 October 2007. This season also had 8 episodes.

Everything To Know About Kath and Kim Season 1 and Season 2:

kath and kim season 1 and season 2

In the first season we can see the engagement of Kath. She plan about her wedding with Kel. Kim can be seen mostly staying in her mother’s residance, because of her bad relationship with her husband Brett. All of these clashes are only because of her own habits, childish and rude behaviour.

The second season of the series Kath and Kim portrays the pregnancy of Kim and all the ups and downs, her relationship with her husband Brett. Kath and Kim’s relationship also sees various obstacles and troubles. Towards the end of the season Kim and Brett welcomes a baby and name her Epponnee Raelene Kathleen Darlene Charlene Craig which is Epponnee Rae. The initial episodes of the third season of the series focuses on the growing up of Epponnee Rae. In the final episodes of season 3 we can see adult Epponnee Rae whose role is portrayed by Kylie Minogue.

Insight of Kath and Kim recurring cast:

kath and kim recurring cast

Recurring cast includes Zara Harrington, Emma Le Boeuf and Makayla Berkers as daughter of Kim who is Epponnee-Rae Craig. Another star is Jane Turner in the role of Prue and Gina Riley in the role of Trude. Marg Downey portraying the role of Marion, who is a marriage counsellor. Mick Molloy is in the role of Gary poole who is Kim’s father. William McInnes in the role of Sandy Freckle, who is the friend of Kel. Tony Martin in the role of Mark who is the romantic interest of Sharon. Peta Brady in the role of Kelly, who is Bretts supervisor.