All You Need To Know About A Returner’s Magic

a returner's magic

The series ‘A Returner’s Magic’ also named as ‘A Returner’s Magic Should be Special’ is a series which is based on the novel series which is written by Yu So-nan’s Gwihwan jaui mabeopeun Teukbyeol-haeya Hamida. It was mainly a web cartoon series which was published officially in book format by D&C Webtoon Biz since January 11, in the year 2021. The series for A Returner’s Magic was published in digital form in english by the publication company Tappytoon since 7 June of the year 2020. In the following article we will get to know more about the series ‘A returner’s magic’.

Everything To Know About A Returner’s Magic Plot :

a returner's magic plot

The storyline of the series revolves around a character named Desir Aarman. The series shows the sufferings and bad happenings occurring all around the globe due to a ten year old war occurring in a place named as “shadow labyrinth”. In the series, Desir Aarman is shown as the last skilled magician who is left to fight the cruelty. The war is causing a lot of destruction to the planet. Even desir Aarman is unable to fight the evil powers threatening the human.

Know About A Returner’s Magic Arman’s Appearance And Personality:

a returner's magic arman's appearance and personality

The appearance of Desir Armaan is like that of any other normal looking teenager. His complexion is fair with a tall figure. He has unbrushed hairs with a thick texture and black colour. His face is long with a sharp and appealing sleek jawline. He is a boy who likes to dress up casually. He lost the sight of his left eye during a fight and in order to hide his disability he make his hair in such a way so that he can hide his left eye.

Talking about his personality, he a determined person. After returning from the Shadow Labyrinth, a rage for revenge lights up in him. He wants to take revengue from the ones those who cause him to a gain a disability of losing his eyesight. He acts as an unforgiving teacher and hard soul for his companions who are totally unaware about his past. He suffers from a disease named PSTD due to the death of his other comrades in the past life, like the death of Romantica. He is an active person and is also willing to sacrifice his life in order to increase his powers.

Insight of A Returner’s Magic Episode:

a returner's magic episodes

Desir was graduated from Hebrion Academy. He have spent 10 years of his life at Shadow Labyrinth, and there he saw a lot of sacrifices which includes his friends and lovers. They all were killed because they tried to defeat the last boss of the Labyrith who was, Brohmier Napolitan. After his defeat the population of Labyrith plunged from 15o million people to only 6 people. After his death people thought that it’s the end of cruelty. But the evil powers return back and starts to cause destruction, which is why Desir is sent back to his younger self so that he can get a proper training and learn magic to defeat the evil.

What Are A Returner’s Magic Armaan’s Skills:

a returner's magic arman's skills

Desir holds a lot of skills and abilities. He is well aware of the first circle, second circle and third circle magic. With all his powers he was also able to survive among the 6 people who were left. When he performed magic by using the dragon tongue his third circle magic got elevated to sixth circle magic. Desir is now able to do fourth circle of magic when he gained an artificial magic circle.

All About A Returner’s Magic Ending:

a returner's magic ending

The final chapter of the series is named as ‘Fight Against The Demon of Doom’, Desir is fighting with Crow Mask. Due to evoking various magic spells Desir’s body becomes tensed. His body goes through various destruction and recovery cycles. Priscilla helped Desir in completing these cycles, without her help his body would have been destructed. In the end Desir is able to defeat and destroy Dadaneuph. Desir was known as ‘ war hero ‘ after this battle. He worked really hard and got the desired result.