All about the prime suspect dragon age 2

prime suspect dragon age 2

You must have heard of these prime suspects of dragon age 2. I will be talking about this only in this article. This is a very superhit game with many features. People compare this game with many others, like Pokemon Go and PUBG, but if you ask me, this game is beyond your thinking and is not similar to any of their games. Breaking the stereotypes, I play many games like this, and this game is incredibly unique because it has a story. It has a story, Mystery, and many characters that will make your interest till the end. You will love this game if you are anywhere into animation and manga comics with great Storylines. We will talk more about this game today, and I will tell you all the unknown facts about it. You can easily read this article because I can assure you that this is Hundred percent spoiler free. So let us get going without further ado. 

Everything about prime suspect dragon age 2:

prime suspect dragon age 2

Have you ever been to the house at night? If you have been, you must have found the place full of shaded, which makes it a little scary. See, if I have already told you, this game is not like any others because it changes its theme according to day and night in real life. When in the Nightmare difficulty, get the idea that now you need to open the Southern door and have got to hole up in there. By doing this, the shades will only come from one direction, making things easier for you to handle on your own. No need to be scared at night because I will tell you tried and trusted facts. Now you also have to Delay the rage demon because he must be waiting for you at night. After that, you have dealt with them; you have got to pick up the note on the table. Yes, look carefully. There will be defiant a not on the table. The message consists of the DuPuis for a “Shipment” and stating an artifact is on the way as the payment, which you will not be able to see on the screen. When the battle is over, you go upstairs to find the letter. You will see two doors there, and you can enter either one. It will not make any difference. Then you will fight more shaded and get a letter from Enchanter of Starkhaven, that too will be kept on the table for you to collect. 

Answer to the question that does Leandra always dies:

does Leandra always diesNow, this is the game’s biggest question: Does Leandra Always die? Is the match made in such a way that, in the end, Leandra always dies? I know you are eager to see the answer, and I will tell you the answer in a very detailed and more straightforward way. So I will start by saying that Yes, Leandra does always dies. I know it breaks your heart. But unfortunately, Leandra always fails. The story and the lead-up can be a bit different if Gascard is still around and because of many other reasons and plot twists, But Leandra dies at the end in every situation no matter what. The game has, but in such a way, and the ending is fixed in every plot that Leandra is meant to be dead at the end. 

Unknown facts Dragon Age 2 companion betrayal:

Dragon Age 2 companion betrayal

You must have heard of the Betrayal of Dragon Age 2. There are two significant betrayals, both of which the companions give. The beautiful Isabel commits the first one and what she does is she stoles the Tome of Koslun, and this causes The Quanari to attack Kirkwall. I know you don’t believe this, but it is what it is. Now let us come to the second one. The second one is committed at last by Anders, where he explodes the Chantry and then starts an all-out war. Betrayal in this game is escalated with every game, and this is the most mysterious and adventurous thing of this game. It makes you look out for yourself and teaches you that the ones you think are your mates are someone else and are capable of doing wrong to you.