All about Rupert Murdoch and his girlfriend Ann-Lesley Smith

Rupert Murdoch
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Relationship History Between Rupert Murdoch and Ann-Lesley Smith

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Since they made their relationship public, Ann-Lesley Smith, Rupert Murdoch’s new girlfriend, has been the center of attention.

Rupert Murdoch was born in Australia as Keith Rupert Murdoch. He is a media entrepreneur and news publisher, Company News Corporation Ltd., a multinational media holding company, was founded by Murdoch.

He is the 31st wealthiest individual in the United States and the 71st richest person in the entire globe. He stated that he moved to New York in 1974 to increase the U.S. market.

When Murdoch was 21 years old, his father passed away, and he began to manage the family business. He has been involved in business and investments ever since.

People are interested in learning about his professional and personal details. Ann, who is 25 years younger than him, and he have been dating.

Ann-Lesley Smith, the new girlfriend of Rupert Murdoch

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Rupert Murdoch was spotted spending the vacation with his new partner, Ann-Lesley Smith, after legally divorcing Jerry Hall.

Murdoch was spotted in Barbados enjoying the sunshine with the former Police chaplain Ann-Lesley Smith, 66. Smith is well-known for being the widow of American country music icon Chester Smith.

Although they haven’t publicly acknowledged their relationship yet, the images of them on vacation quickly gained popularity on social media.

Despite having a 25-year age difference, the couple seems to enjoy each other’s company. The couple first met in November 2022, but they haven’t been spotted together since the holiday.

After the couple was photographed together, numerous disparaging remarks were made about them; it was revealed that the 91-year-old billionaire had a relationship with Smith before divorcing his fourth wife.

Additionally, he is 91 years old, and nobody anticipated him to be in a new relationship after a fourth divorce.

With the remarks people made to Murdoch about his age and the age difference between him and his spouse, he did not appear to be a brother.

Rupert Murdoch’s Dating and Relationship History

Before Smith, Murdoch married four times and had kids with each of them.

In 1956, the billionaire wed Patricia Booker, a flight attendant who had previously worked as a shop assistant. Prudence, the son of the couple, was born to them.

He married Anna Torv in 1967, the same year he divorced his first spouse. The Daily Mirror in Sydney was where Torv, a journalist, was employed at their weddings.

The couple’s three kids are Elisabeth Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, and James Murdoch. He gets along well with all of the kids.

The millionaire has a history of settling down quickly; after divorcing his second wife in just 17 days, he wed Wendi Deng for a third time, and the two had an age difference of more than 30 years.

He has two daughters, Grace (born in 2001) and Chloe (born in 2003), with his third wife. The pair officially divorced in 2013.

Then, once more in 2016, he wed model and actress Jerry Hall; the two later separated and had no children together.

Are Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall still together?

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After a brief five-month courtship, Rupert and Jerry tied the knot in a private ceremony in London in March 2016 and are approaching their fourth wedding anniversary. Six children—James, 45; Lachlan, 46; Elisabeth, 49; Prudence, 60; Grace Helen, 17; and Chloe, 15—were born to the media entrepreneur from three prior marriages.

What faith practises Rupert Murdock?

According to reports, Rupert Murdoch has Scottish, English, and Irish ancestry. He doesn’t identify as a Catholic but appears close-knit Christian. It seems that none of his four wives were Jewish. He supports Israel but has a slight distaste for some Jews and their liberal tendencies.

CNN: Is Rupert Murdoch its owner?

In 2014, Murdoch tried to acquire the entirety of Time Warner, but his offer was turned down. CNN most likely would have been sold if the deal had gone through. It was inconceivable that government officials would allow one firm to control both CNN and Fox News. Three years have passed.

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