Alabama Woman Arrested After Frequently Using Heroin While Pregnant; Baby Died

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After the sudden death of her newborn daughter, an Alabama woman was taken into custody on Thursday morning. Authorities in Mobile County claim 34-year-old Amanda Malpas used heroin and other narcotics during her pregnancy. A needle remained in the mother’s arm when paramedics discovered her cradling her infant, according to reports.

Using heroin despite being pregnant

In spite of the fact that she was pregnant, Malpas was claimed to be a frequent drug user. On March 5, the sheriff’s department reported she injected herself with heroin in order to ease the pain of childbirth.

As reported by MSN, Malpas still had the needle in her arm when paramedics arrived at the site of her West Mobile house. It wasn’t long before Malpas and her baby were transported to the hospital and the baby was pronounced dead. Sgt. Mark Bailey of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Major Crimes Unit said that she admitted that she took a large dosage of heroin when she was in labor and felt the baby’s head coming out of her womb.

The results of a toxicology report, according to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, may lead to the charges against Malpas being increased to murder. However, despite her claims to reporters that she was “sorry,” cops said the 34-year-old has displayed no remorse.

The heroin user was granted bond

When the mother accused of killing her infant by shooting heroin while giving birth was granted bail at her first court appearance.  On Friday, she appeared in court and was given a $75,000 bond.

According to WKRG News, Malpas already has two children who are not in her custody. About six months ago, the sheriff’s office said she discovered she was pregnant with her third kid. The judge ordered that if Malpas posts her bond, she must immediately check into a 90-day inpatient treatment facility. The date for her arraignment has been scheduled for March 23rd.

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