Alabama sets May lethal injection date for man convicted of killing couple during robbery

Alabama has scheduled an execution date for a man found guilty in the 2004 killing of a couple during a robbery.

Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama has set the date for the execution by lethal injection of Jamie Mills, aged 50. The Alabama Supreme Court recently granted the governor the authority to set the execution date.

Mills was convicted of capital murder for the 2004 killing of Floyd and Vera Hill in Guin, a town in Marion County with a population of around 2,000 in the northwest part of the state. Prosecutors stated that Mills and his wife visited the couple’s residence, where he assaulted the couple, stole $140, and medications.

Floyd Hill, aged 87, passed away from injuries caused by blunt and sharp-force trauma to his head and neck, while Vera Mills, aged 72, died 12 weeks after the incident from complications of head trauma, as mentioned in a court filing by the attorney general’s office.

Mills’ legal representatives had requested the Alabama Supreme Court to reject the execution date request as they pursued an ongoing claim of prosecutorial misconduct in the case.

In a petition to a Marion County judge in March, Mills’ attorneys alleged that prosecutors failed to disclose a plea deal they had with Mills’ wife, which spared her from a potential death penalty. She was the primary prosecution witness against Mills during his trial. The attorney general’s office refuted the existence of a pretrial agreement.