After Netflix’s ‘Sweet Tooth’ Began Winning Awards, Robert Downey Jr. Posts A Sweet Reply

According to, with so many great episodes available to watch right now, it’s important to highlight some real masterpieces from the previous year. Last summer, Netflix released Sweet Tooth, which immersed millions of viewers in a weird and dystopian fantasy world in which human newborns began to be born with animalistic features.

The series was quite well accepted, to the point that it has begun to win awards, and executive producer Robert Downey Jr. has shared a heartwarming post after Sweet Tooth got a Rotten Tomatoes award.

It should be no wonder that the series has begun to earn awards, with a mystery tale to get lost in and characters that viewers want to see protected. After the series earned Rotten Tomatoes’ award for Best-Reviewed Fantasy/Sci-fi Series of 2021, Robert Downey Jr. expressed his gratitude for the fans and his affection for the “amazing hybrid family” of Sweet Tooth in a new Instagram post.

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Sweet Tooth was unlike anything else on Netflix at the time that it was released. With a plague-like sickness that killed a large number of people, it was difficult for fans not to relate the series to current events as we were amid the pandemic. Fans may still escape from reality and just get lost in the new fantasy/sci-fi world.

Fans don’t seem astonished that Sweet Tooth is winning awards, according to the comments section of Robert Downey Jr.’s post. The answers include congratulatory messages as well as personal experiences with the series, with some fans claiming to have binge-watched it when it first aired.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Is Coming!

The majority of fans appear to be more concerned about Season 2 of Sweet Tooth than with the award-winning Season 1. The Rotten Tomatoes award appears to have served as a reminder that Season 2 is on the road, with many fans sharing their curiosity for the next season.

Season 2 of Sweet Tooth is on the way, with shooting expected to begin in New Zealand later this year. It’s unknown whether Robert Downey Jr. will appear in the series at any time, but he seemed to be proud of it and how enthusiastic fans have been so far.