Several Accounts Linked with D-1 Bound Recruiting Have Been Suspended on Twitter


Following a USA TODAY Sports investigation into D-1 Bound Recruiting, Twitter has blocked many accounts linked with the company, which utilized social media to defraud parents and athletes out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Accounts have been permanently suspended

Sports discovered 18 parents and recruits who indicated they donated money to them. The families, who hail from 11 states in the United States and Canada, claim they have lost roughly $33,000 in the last four years due to events.

A Twitter spokeswoman confirmed to USA TODAY Sports in a statement Saturday night that numerous accounts mentioned in the post had been permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules. D-1 Bound’s primary Twitter handle, @D1boundfactory, has been arrested by Twitter for breaking the company’s financial scam policy, which forbids users from creating accounts, tweeting, or sending direct messages that urge participation in fraudulent schemes, Yahoo Finance posted. 

D-1 have gotten away with it

Since its inception in 2015, the account has amassed over 38,000 followers, including well-known recruiting writers and coaches from all levels of college football. By concealing his contact information and changing his Twitter handle, D-1bound appears to have evaded scrutiny. When reached by USA Today Sports late last month, the account barred the reporter, then rebranded itself as a personal recruitment service with the hashtag “# membersonly.”

D1BoundOfficial, a second account linked to the company, has also been suspended for breaking the same rules. That handle advertised itself as the D-1 Bound’s official backup account, most likely if its deferred handle was suspended, Ub24News  reported. 

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