Aberdeen City Council Allocates $5 Million in Stimulus Funds 

(Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels)

Aberdeen Commission has voted to invest $5 million in federal stimulus monies. It is to enhance the city’s water management facility.

The council was informed in November of the use of $56.3 million in plant enhancement. To increase the treatment volume capacity from 8 million to 12 million gallons per day.

They agreed in December to turn over the funding request. It will be given to the united states department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  

The application is to be reviewed by the states. They will decide on how to spend the federal funds. The funds are provided by the American Rescue Plan Act.

Based on the city council agenda, the state’s spending proposal is to match up to $5 million in local funding donations. The approved budget corrects the final payment on the public safety bond debt service.

The grant covers 80% of the $224,464 cost of computer software and facility renovations.

It also includes a vehicle, shop equipment, and facility cameras. Radios and tires are covered as well. Tablets for Ride Line are also included.

The final reading was approved with this condition. The property is zoned back to residential if the owner and the use of the property change.

The final reading of the land acquisition was approved. That will enable the establishment of an Aflac insurance office. 

That was approved with the condition that the property is zoned back to residential. However, unless, if ownership or use keeps changing, according to Yahoo News.

Spending $5 Million in Stimulus Money

The stimulus money can be utilized to enhance water and wastewater systems. According to City Manager Joe Gaa, the state might possibly provide a grant for an extra 30% of the project costs. It could also be a little under $14 million.

The ordinance will correct the final payment from the public safety bond debt service.

Helms & Associates received four payments for work on airport enhancement projects. The total amount paid was $6,244, as published by Aberdeen News.

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