A tie-up between this poster of pacific saury-produced theatrical animation “Fishing Port Meat Child”

The animated movie “Fishing Port Meat Child” planned and produced by pacific saury Akashiya will be released on June 11th (Friday). This time, a smiling book poster with unique characters was unveiled, and we received the news that the tie-up between this poster and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology was decided. Furthermore, the movie version music video of the ending theme “Taketen” sung by GReeeeN has been lifted!

Pacific saury Akashiya fell in love with the novel by Naoki Prize-winning author Kanako Nishi and planned and produced the theatrical anime “Gyoko no Nikuko-chan”, which is the best miracle that connects the secrets of mother and daughter Nikuko and Kikuko who live in a boat at the fishing port. It is a moving heart-full comedy work that depicts.

Directed by Ayumu Watanabe of “Doraemon Nobita’s Dinosaur 2006” (2006) and “Children of the Sea” (2019), STUDIO 4 ℃, which has many fans all over the world with overwhelming quality and world view, is working on animation production. I will.
Shinobu Otake will play the role of Meiko-chan, Cocomi will play the role of daughter Kikuko, and popular voice actors Natsuki Hanae, Hiro Shimono, Riho Yoshioka, Matsuko Deluxe, and others will be talking about voice appearances.

This time, the ban on this lively and smiling book poster, where unique characters gather, has been lifted.
With the fishing port town drawn with a warm touch in the background, Meiko and Kikuko who live calmly on the ship, a boy Ninomiya who sticks out his tongue, Kikuko’s best friend Maria and other classmates, fishing port Sassan, the owner of the barbecue restaurant “Uogashi” that warmly watches over the two people living in Japan, and other characters that are indispensable to the daily lives of mothers and daughters gather together to create a lively visual with a superb smile. ..
From the copy with “Everyone was born as desired”, you can feel the kindness that completely envelops each character who lives every day with all his might.

In addition, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and “Fishing Port Meat Child” aim to widely understand and disseminate measures related to cooperation and collaboration between schools, homes, and communities, such as “community school collaboration activities”. Tie-up has been decided.
The movie depicts the two mothers and daughters growing up through encounters and exchanges with the people of the fishing port that they moved to, and various events.
Through this tie-up, we will convey the importance of supporting the growth of children throughout the region through cooperation and collaboration between the community and schools.
The posters produced for this tie-up will be posted at each facility in prefectures and municipalities.

Kikuko and Ninomiya’s summer memories

And the movie version music video <Kikuko and Ninomiya’s Summer Memories> of the ending theme “Take ten”, which GReeeeN adds color to the fresh summer memories of Kikuko and Ninomiya, has been lifted.

“Why do you feel so nostalgic about this light? The light at that time, a little hope, and …” Kikuko (voice: Cocomi)’s line and brilliant light overflowed all over, and Kikuko’s daily life in the fishing port town This image is projected. While living on a fishing boat with Meiko-chan (voice, Shinobu Otake), who is cheerful and cheerful and always loves Kikuko, she moved to the fishing port town and was the first to speak to Kikuko, her gentle best friend Maria (voice).・ Kikuko, who has met many people including Izumi Ishii, notices the strange behavior of a quiet classmate boy, Ninomiya (voice, Natsuki Hanae).

After that, Kikuko began to follow Ninomiya with her eyes and began to have mysterious feelings, but without answering those feelings, the two slowly shortened the distance and fostered a friendship. The irreplaceable time of Kikuko and Ninomiya, which brightly illuminates casual days and small worries and anxieties, is reflected in the freshness of a summer event, and a slow fishing port drawn with overwhelming quality at STUDIO 4 ℃. The music video is finished with the beauty of the scenery of the town.

GReeeeN, who worked on the ending theme, wrote this song after repeating research based on the book of producer pacific saury Akashiya and past videos. “There is someone who wants to laugh, there is someone who wants to laugh. And there are people who want to be happy. With that feeling in mind! ”, He revealed that he put in a message reminiscent of pacific saury, who always delivered a smile during the tea ceremony. Please pay attention to the friendship between Kikuko and Ninomiya, who are full of innocent laughter in this video, and the story of “Nikuko-chan” and Kikuko’s parent and child when it comes to smiles in this work!

Cocomi said that when she played Kikuko, she read the novel over and over again to create an image. I tried to express the glittering moment, “said Hanae, who played Ninomiya.” (Ninomiya) is with friends, so I don’t think I’m so bad at socializing. I have a clear idea of ​​what I want to say and what I want to say. Still, there are some parts that I tend to stay in my own world. I thought it would be great if I could create that exquisite atmosphere. ” It seems that he played while snuggling up to. The two are recorded at the same booth, and in the main story, a conversation full of freshness is shown! Please look forward to the release!

In addition, GReeeeN announced a new logo today, saying that the tour to be held in 2021 “Tuna Gale Zenkoku Daisakusen-A loud voice spreading somewhere-“.

The story you care about …

Nikuko-chan, who is a glutton and has good weather, is enthusiastic and adorable, so she is immediately fooled by a man. On the other hand, Kikuko, who is a cool and solid person, is 11 years old, and her mother, Meiko, is a little embarrassed recently. There is no such thing in common, and when the secret of the mother and daughter living on the boat at the fishing port is revealed, the best miracle will come to them …!

pacific saury Akashiya, who “makes a profit just by living”, will bring the energy all over Japan!
The emotional heart-full comedy “Fishing Port Meatko-chan” created by the secrets of mother and daughter Meiko-chan and Kikuko, who lives on a boat at the fishing port, will be on June 11th (Friday) at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya and other national roadshows!