A live camel in Auburn brought Loretta; how it got in the baseball game

The inters of Auburn were asked to find a camel to show up to a baseball game in east Alabama and guess what they did. Emily Adams, Auburn’s associate director of fan experience, said with a laugh and questioned how can one find a camel. And yes, she was quite serious. They managed to find something and the idea was silly. It was confirmed that he had a Wednesday afternoon baseball game against Air Force.
It’s spring break in Auburn this week and as if $2 hot dogs weren’t enough of a selling point for those still in town, He along with all her staff wanted to bring a camel and its hump to Plainsman Park was the real question. It went ahead with Loretta being graced with the concourse of Plainsman Park right inside the main gate. It was all fenced in to greet those entering the ballpark running over to see her for themselves or doing double takes as if to say, ‘Wait, why’s there a camel here?’

She has actually done this before and Auburn deputy athletic director Rhett Hobart worked together at Wake Forest before reuniting at Auburn. The two brought a camel to a Wednesday baseball game in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and thy surely did left everyone surprised. It started with him workinf at his alma mater, Mississippi State, before coming to Auburn and shortly after Hobart arrived in Auburn in 2023, a camel arrived at Dudy Noble Field in Starkville.
The whole idea for Auburn’s edition was hatched in November when Adams first saw a copy of Auburn’s baseball schedule back in the time. All she wanted to see if if Auburn had a Wednesday game. That box was checked.
Adams talked about it and said, “I wanted to do things that haven’t been done at Auburn before. While other ballparks have brought camels, it’s never happened here.”
 According to the reports, a self-proclaimed “agricultural tourism destination”, Choctafaula includes a 300-acre farm with a guided safari tour with several hundred animals on. This included site including giraffes, zebras, African crested porcupines and, of course, camels. The only problem was that Choctafaula is temporarily closed. This was confirmed by a report so on Google. Choctafaula’s online site even thanked visitors for the 2023 season but does not state a reopening date in 2024 back then . “Thankfully, someone happened to be checking their emails and their voicemails over the holidays and got back to us,” Adams confirmed.