A Glitch In ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Gives The Type 11 LMG With Unlimited Ammo

Image source: (Activision)

There’s a recently discovered glitch in “Call of Duty: Warzone” that gives infinite ammo to the “Vanguard” LMG – Type 11. Yes, folks, this means you need not reload the said weapon.  

‘Warzone’s Type 11 is broken  

“Warzone” player Remy363 was among the players who stumbled upon the glitch as he took to the CODWarzone subreddit to show what he had experienced. In his post, the player claims that you can shoot infinitely with the Type 11 30 mags. You’ll just have to press “X” and quickly switch weapons to activate it and you’re good to go.  

It was not that long into the match when the OP noticed the glitch involving the Type 11. Needless to say, the said weapon is indeed broken, not to mention that it is very much possible to spray bullets at an opponent in “Warzone,” according to Dexerto.  

You can shoot infinitely with the type 11 30 round mags. Just press x and switch weapons quick. It’s broken! from CODWarzone

Unpopular among players  

It’s worth noting that Type 11 in “Warzone” is not quite that popular among players since it only has a 0.55 percent pick-up rate in the game. But with the newly discovered bug, you can expect that this will be heavily spammed by players.   

Despite being unpopular among players as compared to SMGs and ARs within “Warzone,” Type 11 still has a spot within the meta since it is suitable for engaging opponents from afar.  

Sure, it’s still possible to eliminate players who are spamming the new exploit. However, peeking where the enemy’s at will definitely be a challenge.  

As of writing, “Warzone” developer Raven Software has yet to address this unlimited bug with Type 11. Let’s just hope that this gets fixed in a timely manner albeit the fact that devs over at Raven Software may well seem to have gotten their hands full with the numerous bugs and other issues in the game.