8 Friendliest Anime Characters With A Hidden Agenda

Everyone loves unexpected developments, particularly when they’re progressed nicely. Directly from the most sudden character being the swindler or the sweet and gullible young lady who wound up being the killer – turns like these keep anime fans as eager and anxious as can be, and expectedly so.

Now and then, awful characters wind up being the heroes in light of surely legitimate purposes for their horrible activities. In any case, usually, it is the acceptable characters who wind up carrying out the most terrible of things, that wind up being forever scratched in the personalities of anime fans.

8 James: Conned A Rich Woman and Made Her Believe He Truly Loved Her (Great Pretender)

This adroit and cash disapproved of man was really a sufficient entertainer who figured out how to trick the CEO of an unmistakable organization, Farrah Brown, into accepting he cherished her. He at that point utilized her cash to purchase costly canvases, which he at that point added all to his private assortment.

He showed no regret for his activities, and in any event, when he was presented to be the cheat that he was, he made an honest effort to continue to control Farrah until the end.

7 Enikoda: Fooled His Enemies Into Believing He Was On Their Side (Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens)

For this programmer, cash was above everything. He’d do whatever should have been done, inasmuch as he was getting paid for it. Obviously, his amiable character and nature guaranteed his customers were effortlessly enchanted by him and recruited him immediately.

In any case, he demonstrated his dependability to his companion Banba when he cautioned him ahead of a death endeavor on him by his own customers. Enikoda took the cash from his customers, gave them Banba’s data, tricked them into confiding in him, and in the end, reversed the situation on them.

6 Miroku: Faked Concern For The Spirit World Warriors (Beyond The Boundary)

Controlling grown-ups is a certain something, yet Miroku was somebody who went so low as to control kids like Mitsuki when they were at their least.

His incapacitating grin and his hopeful character were what he’d use as his weapons to get whatever data he needed from individuals. He was incredible at concealing his actual feelings and expectations, which included needing to transform whatever number of people into shadow creatures as could be allowed.

5 Undertaker: His Mysterious Past Was Why He Remained Close To The Phantomhive Family (Black Butler)

This unpredictable man’s past is covered in secret, yet a few flashbacks showed fans that he was so near the Phantomhive family, regularly helping them on their missions for the Queen.

In any case, he ends up being the genuine opponent of the arrangement, something that was uncovered in the Book of Atlantic, where fans saw how he was the one behind the vivification of the dead cadavers known as Bizarre Dolls, which brought about the passings of many guiltless lives.

4 Nobimaru: Polite On The Outside, This Kitsune Is Actually Quite A Sadist (Kemono Jihen)

This kitsune, with the presence of a 13-year-old kid, had a disposition and ability for acting which were sufficient to trick even the strong Inari, who accepted he was her reliable worker when as a general rule he scorned her and had definitely no regard for her.

All through the anime arrangement, he can conceal his perverted and plotting nature well overall, to such an extent that no one knew about his actual character. While the principal season doesn’t dive into insight regarding his secret plan, it makes it plentifully certain that this youthful animal isn’t somebody who can be fully trusted.

3 Minatsuki: Tricked Ganta Into Letting His Guard Down So That She Could Kill Him (Deadman Wonderland)

Minatsuki was effectively ready to deceive the credulous Ganta into accepting that she was a modest and blameless little youngster, somebody who was sincerely inspired by him. The fact of the matter was that this was every one of them a stratagem just so she could find him napping in the battling field, in a match where she would have liked to murder him in return for her endurance.

Truth be told, not exclusively was she demonstrated to be a savage maniac, yet she likewise delighted in pointlessly embarrassing Ganta, and surprisingly her sibling Yo, before a whole crowd for positively no explanation.

2 Muzan: This Mass Murderer Kept Up An Excellent Façade Of Being An Outstanding Member Of Society (Demon Slayer)

Directly consistently, fans are informed that Muzan is conceivably the most noticeably terrible animal to at any point walk the earth since it was a result of him that a great many guiltless people had passed on or transformed into savage evil presences.

In any case, the truth was a long way from various, as was proven by Tanjiro’s stun after discovering that not exclusively was Muzan a decent citizen, he likewise had a caring spouse who had brought forth his kid. Thus, basically, no one outside of devils and evil presence slayers knew reality with regards to Muzan.

1 Frill: Was Easily Able To Hide Her Corrupted Nature From Her Creators (Wonder Egg Priority)

Ornamentation is made to imitate a standard 14-year-old young lady, yet things before long beginning going astray. While she kept up the façade of being a charming young lady, underneath the surface she held sensations of serious envy and scorn towards Acca’s new family.

Subsequently, she wound up slaughtering Acca’s better half and little girl, before she was at long last bolted away and annihilated by him. Regardless of that, she is as yet appeared to some way or another be liable for the suicides of a yet questionable number of little youngsters.