13 Ukrainian Soldiers Bravely Defy Russia Through Famous Last Words

13 Ukrainian Soldiers
The 13 Ukrainian soldiers stationed in Zmiinyi Island (Snake Island) with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the middle

13 Ukrainian Soldiers refused to surrender and bravely defended the small island of Zmiinyi located in the Black Sea. Their defying famous last words have gone viral. The story was confirmed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a statement on Thursday, Feb. 24, Ukraine local time.

13 Ukrainian soldiers to Russian warship

According to Fox News, as it spread on social media, it was confirmed that a 23-year-old Ukrainian soldier was live streaming at the time a Russian warship went to capture the island. The exchange of words was recorded on the live stream and soon, its audio quickly spread throughout all social media platforms.

In the said audio, the 13 Ukrainian soldiers bravely defended the Zmiinyi island with their famous last words “Russian warship, go f**k yourself!” After their exchange, the Russian warship did open fire, killing all the 13 Ukrainian soldiers in the process.

The live stream video went viral on Twitter gaining 900,000 views; 2,200 retweets; and over 6,400 likes. The copy of the audio was posted in Ukrayinska Pravda, a Ukrainian news outlet, and the authenticity of it was confirmed by a Ukrainian official.

According to reports, President Zelenskyy honored the 13 soldiers and announced that they will all be awarded the title “Hero of Ukraine.”

Russia invades Ukraine on multiple fronts

In an update shared by Reuters Graphics, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began Thursday morning, Feb. 24, with land, sea, and air operations, launching the greatest military assault by one European country on another since World War II. According to a top Ukrainian defense official, Russian soldiers may approach areas just outside Kyiv later on Friday, Feb. 25, despite the fact that the Ukrainian military was defending locations on four fronts while being outnumbered.

On Thursday, Feb. 24, Russian authorities took control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Ukraine’s nuclear agency and interior ministry also reported elevated radiation levels from the site the next day.

Also on Thursday, thousands of Ukrainians who are reportedly fleeing Russia’s war began to arrive in neighboring Central European countries. Hundreds of people arrived on foot in southern Poland, while a queue of automobiles waiting for clearance grew longer throughout the day.

On Friday, Feb. 25, Russian missiles pounded Kyiv, families huddled in bunkers, and authorities warned people to prepare Molotov cocktails in case of an attack on Ukraine’s capital.

President Zelenskiy tweeted that severe combat had erupted at the entrance to the eastern cities of Chernihiv and Melitopol, with several people killed.

Up to this date, Russian forces launched synchronized missile and artillery attacks on Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv, where shootings erupted near government buildings in the city center.

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